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Experienced, Friendly Tax Professionals Working For You

Complete Business Services will make it easy for you, and we are fast and friendly, too. Today's tax laws continue to be complicated, so that it makes even a simple return complicated. It's too easy to overlook deductions and/or credits which you are eligible to receive. Even if you use a tax software program, there is no substitute for the assistance of an experienced tax professional. By carefully completing our tax organizer, you can be sure to get the deductions and credits you are entitled to, minimizing your tax liability. (See downloads below).

Our professional tax preparers have years of experience and have access to the most complete sources of tax information available. Our Enrolled Agent's are required to keep up-to-date on tax laws, with over 40 hours of continuing education each year. Complete Business Services has the latest software and technology available, and are certified with the IRS and all states to e-file tax returns.

With Each Tax Return Preparation You Will Receive:

  • Electronic Filing, which means you will get your refund quicker.

  • Knowledgeable tax preparers that will show you deductions/credits for the current year and also help you plan for future years.

  • Return checked and re-checked by our computer software, identifying potential problems the IRS may look at more closely.